Friday, August 31, 2007

Toyota Prius

I have ordered my Toyota Prius, but it's not available until another month. I never thought I would feel this way about a car; this is worse than being 7 years old and waiting for Christmas Eve in November!

While I'm waiting, I read everything I can about the car, about Toyota and about Lean.

Prius, which apparently is Prii in plural:
Apparently, Toyota errs too:
  • My Bitchin', Toyota. From LeanBlog
  • From This Is Broken: Prius shifter. I have test driven the Prius, and don't find the shifter problematic at all. Neither did I order the GPS, so I won't share the experience of one of the commenters.
  • And that reverse beeper, loud and interior only. What were they thinking? I know the first thing I'll do. I just hope it will work on my model, as it will not be a North American one.
Toyota and Lean:
This and that:
Heavy stuff:

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