Thursday, March 06, 2008

TDD Presentations for NNUG in Two Cities

I recently held two presentations explaining Test Driven development, the first in Bergen, the second in Vestfold. Both presentations were arranged by NNUG.

Thanks to Jon, Einar and Notus for making this happen. Jon challenged me to hold the first presentation in Bergen, and Einar invited me to held another one in Vestfold. Notus paid my fares.

Both events went fine, according to the feedback I have received. I spent too much time coding in the Bergen event, which made no room for questions and a general feel of hurry. I didn't feel too good about that.

I corrected that mistake on my second presentation, which gave me more time to explain gains, dos and don'ts, the flow of tdd, different types of tests, and even demonstrating a pure refactoring session backed by previous written tests. I felt more connected with the audience and had great fun.

Slides and code from Bergen and Vestfold are available.

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Jon said...

I really liked the presentation you had for us in Bergen. Not only did I like the way you did TDD, but also the indirect presentation of ReSharper. I see you're now focusing on MVC, so I'm expecting to hear from you soon ;-)