Sunday, March 22, 2009

I am not sure I would buy a DELL

I was thinking of buying another laptop, one that is small enough to be usable in cramp environment like an airplane seat. I also want it to be powerful enough to be a developer machine. And I don’t want any issues with a hard drive being too small.

So I want a 7200 rpm, 320 GB hard drive.

No DELL options let me choose any hard drive configurations in advance.

Worse is that they do have a 7200 rpm disk, but not larger than 160 GB. They do have a 320 GB disk, but that’s a slower 5400 rpm disk.

Any configuration I have browsed, will end up me buying a hard drive I don’t need. External USB drives don’t need to be faster than 5400 rpm, but I don’t need yet another external drive.

So I thought I should contact DELL to ask them if they are able to provide any configurations with the hard drive I want. And that’s where my buying experience really went down the drain:

DELL want me to call them. No, thank you very much. It’s Sunday and I don’t shop online to call anyone.

The other option is to write them. Not an e-mail, mind you. Nor do they offer an online form. No, they want me to write a letter. My printer is currently offline, so it would be by hand. Good luck deciphering that. But who posses an envelope these days? Or a stamp?

I really don’t believe that an email necessarily gets a faster response than a good old snail mail, But it’s certainly more convenient.

I don’t travel that often, anyway, so I probably end up upgrading the laptop I already have with a larger drive.

But DELL just lost a sale. I was this close to by a 12.1”, 4 GB RAM, 320 GB/7200rpm tablet pc, only if that configuration were available.

Somehow I believe they don’t care.

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