Monday, March 09, 2009

Looking for an open source CMS

I have volunteered to develop the new website for a non-profit organization, and what they need is a Content Management System.

Searching for open source CMS on, I found people speaking highly of the N2 CMS. I have to say it looks good, it’s well documented and the programming model is very simple.

The catch, however, is that I checked out the latest version from the trunk, and the Visual Studio projects fail to build due to missing references and coding errors.

When I download a framework and can’t have something running out of the box, preferably without any configuration, I get disappointed. When the source fails to build, I seriously doubt the quality.

My reason to use a framework in the first place is not only to jumpstart my development efforts, but also to ease the maintenance burden for the poor soul who will inherit the project.

These goals are not met by the current state of affairs. And the main developer at codeplex prefers not to be contacted. If I have to do this kind of development, I prefer invest my energy where I am in full control.

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