Friday, May 15, 2009

Will IT show it’s foolishness next?

In Too much experience could be hurting your IT job search, it’s argued that experienced IT professionals will get a harder time getting a new job. A CEO is quoted:

As a result many companies are focused on hiring front-line workers who can make the most impact on their business with the least amount of financial risk.

One commenter nailed it:

Inexperienced staff are always the riskiest to hire. I'm sure this can't be only obvious to me.

No it’s not. This is common sense, but as Voltaire once said:

Common sense isn’t very common.

We are, unfortunately, managed by too many people living in a cost-oriented world, where they equate cost to be equal to risk.  Eli Goldratt published The Goal in 1984. 35 years has past since then, and we have learned nothing.

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