Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Installing Canon Pixma MP600R on Windows 7 and getting it online

The original setup CD for MP600R is not prepared for Windows 7. Nor is the downloadable drivers / setups from Canon’s support pages, apparently.

Running the original setup greets you with a message stating there are compatibility issues.

Going to Canon’s support pages will reveal they are not very supportive.

I found the driver, apparently, a Windows 7, 64 bit version of the “Canon Network Setup and Tool”. It succeeded in installing the printer driver, but not the network tool.

Then I downloaded a zipped zipfile (!) which seemed to contain a setup for the network tool. That didn’t even run because it refused to believe I am an administrator.

Installing the software

So I gave up and run the original setup in “Windows XP sp3” compatibility mode. I went for the advanced install as I didn’t want all that crap on my computer, and selected the driver and the network tool.

The setup discovered the newer printer driver, skipped that and installed the network tool.

Running the network tool, with the printer connected via usb, I could configure the wireless network settings. However, Windows 7 reports the printer offline.

Getting the printer online

Disconnect the usb cable.

Obtain the printer’s ip address from the network tool, and type that into your web browser.

Go to the advanced setup and select Wireless LAN. Click OK in the yellow bar to “Setup the printer for use with wireless LAN”.

Windows will still believe the printer is offline, but it should work.


Anonymous said...

Very Poor support from Canon!

I am having problems with this printer too. Used to work with Windows 7 but now that I have changed my ISP and have a new router, I can't get it to work again.

Xtof said...

Always good to see you are not the only one ... I am struggling to get the Scanner from the MP600R to work with Win7 64bit version... the printing function works fine but can't get the right scanner driver :-(

matt said...
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matt said...

Same problem here... Printing fine, Scanning is a no go. MP Navigator says the installed driver is not supported even tho its Windows 7 driver.