Saturday, September 01, 2007

Next to criminal

I don't consider myself as an environmentalist. I am not active in any environmental organizations, I hardly know what they do, I should recycle more, and I don't buy anything just because they are environment friendly.

However, I just ordered my Prius. Not because it's environmentally friendly, that's just added value. I happen to like the car.

What have all this to do with criminality? I live in Norway, which have extremely high taxes on cars, and lacks every incentive to start car manufacturing. So it was surprising to observe the Th!nk startup. Th!nk is the first mass produced car in Norway, and it's electric. I never believed in the car, nor could I believe a small Norwegian company could compete with the giants. Not with car production.

That changed when Ford bought the Th!nk. They must have done something right, after all. Who would know that Ford later planned to scrap 400 fully functional cars? Cars that both American and Norwegian consumers wanted?

If not a criminal offense, it's still an offense. And a prime example of business insanity. Ford now have to work hard to be considered as one of my future options. Too bad, really. I like their new car designs. Now that I soon will own a Prius, and Toyota are pushing their hybrid technology to other models, I think my next car will be a Toyota, too. Ford will have to work hard to get my attention again.

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