Thursday, February 21, 2008

Why MonoRail or ASP.NET is not my option today

MonoRail ticks me a little of, because of the numerous dlls I have to reference, and the ASP.NET MVC framework ticks me off because it pushes the newer .NET framework on me. And none of them have database migration the RoR way, as far as I know.

I find the latter quite annoying, actually. I can see why Microsoft wants to use the opportunity to push out new technology, but I find that not very helpful. Many of my customers are still on .NET 1.1 or have just upgraded/ported to .NET 2.0. A move to .NET 3.0/3.5/3.6 will introduce a whole set of new problems, a price I am not willing to pay just to get an MVC framework.

Am I the only one with this mindset?

However, the ASP.NET MVC is still in CTP and I have been down that rat-hole before: Deploying a CTP technology in production is no fun. The next CTP will have breaking changes, and that means lots of rework. I think there are better ways to invest my time. Besides, it's no fun to be responsible for an ever-breaking production environment.

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