Friday, April 17, 2009

My client pays me to develop code

Heard it before?

It’s one of at least five excuses for not unit testing. Although Paul Bourdeaux do a fine job debunking those excuses, this particular has a finer point:

News Flash - Unit tests are code.  They are as integral to the application as any other piece of code you are writing, and should be included in the original estimate and statement of work.  It might also help to mention to the client that unit tests lower both development cost (see previous excuse) as well as maintenance cost.  If you are not writing unit tests, then you are doing your client an injustice by forcing them to incur extra expense.

Our clients don’t really pay us for writing code. They pay us to solve certain problems. It just happens we solve them by writing code. If there was a cheaper, easier way to solve the same problem which did not include code, and your client knew that, would he still pay for your code?

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