Tuesday, April 28, 2009

No more endless crashing in Windows 7 beta


I am using Windows 7 beta, and have experienced crashes regularly. Today it got to the point where I couldn’t save important documents. There are only so many times a day I can switch the power off and on with a smile on my face.

No smiling today.

This evening I thought of the obvious, I searched for it. I found a post about SQM Client Causing Crashing in Windows 7 and how to fix it. Now I will enjoy a crash-free computer until the RC  arrives.


Jon Arild Tørresdal said...

Ahh... Thanks!!! I've been looking, but haven't found that one. When saving stuff that used Explorer I found that writing the full URL in the path worked, so I've been using that. But now I've applied your suggested fix, and hopefully things will run more smoothly!

Just got ITunes opened for the first time, so something must have changed to the better :-)

Thomas Eyde said...

I guess a more correct title would have been "Less endless crashing...". But we can fool ourselves to believe it crashes less frequently while we wait for the RC.